Saturday, January 14, 2012

Taylor Swift Inspires

YEAH!!! FEATHER ARMY!!! Maybe this will be the last Blog for today. It's all about T SWIFT!!!

Who's first name starts with T and last name ends with T?  Not T.Pain. Definitely not Kanye West, that was a bit of a vague clue, but it's TAYLOR SWIFT.

And I really find so many reasons to like her and/or find her attractive. She has pretty hair - pretty damn curly, and has taken having extremely curly hair to a new level of good lookin'. She also has really pretty blue eyes - kinda like the sky, just that they're always blue. Unlike the sky that turns grey - you know, like......before the. Never mind.

So she's good lookin' girl, with the great talent. But that's not why I like her. I like her because unlike many of today's artist like Britney Spears and the Pussycat Dolls who use sexuality as a big part of their success - and it's not wrong, it's just a different image - Taylor Swift has gained her popularity and stardom through her pure talent. She is such a wholesome, well-rounded artist, her fame is really based on her as a person, and the music she makes.

Many performers in this day and age are decked up with layers of makeup and garment and some even expose parts of their body as a tool to boost and drive popularity. Taylor Swift has needed to do none of that. Singing her heart out to words that makes everyone feel 16again, and remember the pain of the first broken heart, her lyrics are emotional ans is what many girls can relate to, as compared to lyrics that go, "Don't you wish yo' gurrrrlfriend was hot like me." Taylor Swift, if anything, is a role model to so many girls. it makes you, me, and everyone who is not a lingerie model realize that life is what it is. She can changed today's media by sending the message that you don't need a perfect body, and you don't have to take off your clothes or wear any less) to make it somewhere. And no, I don' wish to be that hot gurrrl that the Pussycat Dolls once sang of. we go through heartbreak, we go through pain, and maybe our hair isn't always perfect. And you know what? Just tell people what you are going through. Express yourself. that's what Taylor did, and that's what made her SUCCESS.


Yehey!!! time for now to hit the sacks! Mornight Everyone! Sleep tight FEATHER ARMY!


BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Day FEATHER ARMY! Your Commanding Officer is on DUTY!!

Well i made this blog for some comment i have today about what's IN and OUT in the FASHION this 2012.

FASHION starts with TRENDS!

Trends is Trends. =) Humans are greedy, they have to sustain their hunger, to get what they want. But hey don't realize what is really important to them. Can't blame them, following trends build self esteem, but on negative side, being over confident, make us arrogant, especially the feeling in the TOP. In today's community, who cares? we know you can follow trends always, but is this really gain you satisfaction? think. Being trendy will help you to build confidence at the same time learn how to be FRUGAL. Many people are less fortunate . Be happy on What you have, learn to value things and most of all, value all the PEOPLE around you.

I'll be Sharing photos of people who loves Fashion. And this fashion that they have is the fashion i wanna accomplice this year!

Feeling of The Day ( the MonsterKathy Way )

HELLOW FEATHER ARMY!!!! MY BLOG STARTS NOW!!! my special recipe for the day is what i was thinking lately. And i'm gonna start Right here, Right now.

Here Yeah GO!

Waiting for this specific moment where I could actually involved in this kind of situation and capture the Moment. That would be a good experience. Crap, i just got involved with these romantic movies lately and I sometimes fancy myself in that situation. Gives me tingles and butterflies all over my belly just thinking about it.

Constantly thinking about this one person. I couldn't sleep. Seems it's so fun talking to him, makes me forget all my problems.Funny how we meet people in a very weird place then all of a sudden, they have this place in your so called HEART.