Saturday, January 14, 2012


BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Day FEATHER ARMY! Your Commanding Officer is on DUTY!!

Well i made this blog for some comment i have today about what's IN and OUT in the FASHION this 2012.

FASHION starts with TRENDS!

Trends is Trends. =) Humans are greedy, they have to sustain their hunger, to get what they want. But hey don't realize what is really important to them. Can't blame them, following trends build self esteem, but on negative side, being over confident, make us arrogant, especially the feeling in the TOP. In today's community, who cares? we know you can follow trends always, but is this really gain you satisfaction? think. Being trendy will help you to build confidence at the same time learn how to be FRUGAL. Many people are less fortunate . Be happy on What you have, learn to value things and most of all, value all the PEOPLE around you.

I'll be Sharing photos of people who loves Fashion. And this fashion that they have is the fashion i wanna accomplice this year!

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