Saturday, January 14, 2012

Feeling of The Day ( the MonsterKathy Way )

HELLOW FEATHER ARMY!!!! MY BLOG STARTS NOW!!! my special recipe for the day is what i was thinking lately. And i'm gonna start Right here, Right now.

Here Yeah GO!

Waiting for this specific moment where I could actually involved in this kind of situation and capture the Moment. That would be a good experience. Crap, i just got involved with these romantic movies lately and I sometimes fancy myself in that situation. Gives me tingles and butterflies all over my belly just thinking about it.

Constantly thinking about this one person. I couldn't sleep. Seems it's so fun talking to him, makes me forget all my problems.Funny how we meet people in a very weird place then all of a sudden, they have this place in your so called HEART.

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