Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Don't KNOW What I WANT

Now when I caught myself , I had to stop myself.

War in my pants

Good afternoon to Earthlings! Good day to everyone.

I am dying hard photographer. I used my phone to shot, and shot and shot. but sometime I used digital camera and even those professional photographer used to shot. Most of the pictures for me sent some ideas, information and maybe opinion. May I present the pictures.... the application called Instagram of Iphone hit it.

More photos coming soon.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'll Have You

A space in the attic. Of course it will be my room.

A Vans shoes, Another shoes.

A yellow Converse shoes. Maybe a little brighter

Someone who gonna loves me for who Am I.

Of course, Unconditionally love.

A stuffed toys.Lots of them.

A tattoo! My ultimate dream.

A cute dog like this.

A guy like this. i know most of you think I'm crazy to find someone like him

Breath Taking Shots

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My heart cries for your souls.

Good morning earthlings, feather army, social climber, social maniac, anything goes with me, most of all ALL IMPERFECTIONS come and go.

Now it's my everyday diary, people ask why I still idle with some place to another it's because I'm into medication. medication of the heart. It's kinda critical at this time coz some jerks tried and tend to scratch and destroy it's confidence little by little. I'm this bitch and witch at the same time, I can make someone's life ruined without noticing it unless you told me so. I'm a dream maker in my own way. My souls are made by stars, I'm a monster made by STARS. 

If you got any problem with that, the least you can do is deal with it, I don't even care with your everyday opinion with someone's life.

till next time Insects. See you around.



Thursday, February 9, 2012

Those things about me

Good Day Feathers!!!!

I don't know what I'm doing. I feel a bit lost, stranded, wounded and in need of a bit help to just get me back on my feet again. Easier said than done.I mean it's just a  bit of stability really.

I'm not the type of a girl that will sit there and let people and opportunities pass by. It's just not me. It's like something has gotten inside of me and took over. I don't know who I am anymore. It's such a hard concept to explain but it has many factors.

Fate can have it's horrible ways of throwing something in front of you, you've never really expected. I think people should be open with themselves about what  it is they really want, what it is they really wanna do. no point hanging onto false hope right? You could just lose that one thing that was perfect for you.

people should be happy about what they have and not what they could have. Some people have nothing at all, no home, no money, no job and sometimes not even a FAMILY. Therefore, you should cherish what people you do have and make the most of them and whatever you've got. Sometimes you don't have them in your life as long as you might hoped for....

You can strive for success in anything really, aim high and just go for it. But, you have to have it in you to do this. Everyone has Willpower, they just either have or don't have the confidence but they  certainly have the ability to show it. Self-esteem levels can be affected by many things. I mean for me, people boost my confidence, they may not seem like they do, cause I can be such a stubborn selfish individual and act like they don't but when someone sits there says like; "keep being you okay? You're unlike anyone I've ever met and I want you to remember this every time your doubts get the best of you, and if you ever need me to remind you. I will. Have a lovely day". It makes you think there is life out there. it's people like that who are the reason why you should never give up on who you are!

Now maybe i end up giving myself an advice. Yeah. Thanks for reading . So long. And yeah I'm Awesome..

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This is How I Rule

And yeah i'm starting to share my personality, like little by little. And photos below are my addictions.. I just wanna share. By the way, I created an account here not just to earn followers but to express my personality,   I want my Mom to feel and see that even I am not fully bloom I can do things on my own way. Yeah maybe it's just all the Angts I putting here... So long fellas

Feathers: I like there colors


I do smoke but not regularly, I smoke just to ease some stress, and distraction

Tattoo: I always wanted to have one but maybe in the near future.


 And skate...
 And Skate.........