Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Youngstreet - Heechul's miracle.

  • Listener: What was the miracle that happened to you in your life?
  • Heechul: To me, the biggest miracle was after my accident. At that time, doctors said that it was dangerous since I injured my thigh and may not be able to walk again. I felt hopeless but did not lose my smile and recovered wholeheartedly. I recovered faster than expected, the doctors were shocked. Old people always say that their thighs will hurt when it’s raining. Now, when I’m sleeping, I will wake up suddenly due to the pain. Indeed, the weather will change the next day. So, everyone must wear your seatbelts when you drive. Until now, I do not sleep in the car and I am very wary of my thighs. Manager and I are careful when we drive now.

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