Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hello People.

How are you? Freezing point for me aye?

What can I post right now? Hhhmmm Maybe I can post you some of my cats, actually they are all BLUE RUSSIAN. I fond of them really..They were the cutest creature in my space right now. My nanny used to feed them if I'm busy with stuff like this, like updating blogs and stuff like that. So are you ready? here we go.

Presenting my Babies, LULU, KATHEE, and KRIS..

I am sure I am so vain about showing them so lively and so cute and adorable, but I can't help myself. I'm indigenous about cats. I will now start sorting other type of cats and I wanna try the  BIRMAN or BRITISH SHORTHAIR. But I wanna think about it though. 

OK so I'm planning to be updated here more than Tumblr because I want to have some time thinking and I wanna share my thoughts over here, cause you know your my online diary and your my online best friend that no one can be bashed or bully.
See you soon fella. 

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