Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm a SubHUMAN

HaPPy NeW Year!

Goodbye 2011 and Hello to 2012

My 2011.... I had good times, i had bad times, i had stressful times, i had happy times, i got let down by some people, i let down some people myself, i had arguments, i made people close to me cry, people close to me made me cry. I felt a lo of pain, i felt a lot of joy, i got depressed, i bounced back again, i tried to be there for those i loved all the time but faced up to reality that I'm not a Superhuman no matter how hard i try to be.I made some of friends, i lost some friends, i made new contacts, i lost old contacts, i saw more stuff that made me want to go crazy, i saw some stuff that made me sad, i saw some stuff that made me laugh. I saw some stuff that just plain shocked me, i realized more than ever that lovers can't be friends, i realized more than ever that you can't choose who you love. I fount myself, i lost myself, I fount myself again. I put on weight, I lost my weight, put on weight again lost weight again, at the moment I'm still putting weight. The heavens gained an angel (R.I.P. PAPA, i will always love you no matter what we went through), I want to thank everybody that offered me their condolences, shoulders to lean on and their ears to hear my thoughts through the period of my PAPA's death, you are all amazing people and I appreciate you all so much, I lived with family, cousin's actually.I heard some things i would never believe, i fount out some things were bullshit, i fount out some things were true (That shit Hurts). I got told I was rubbish at what i do. I got told I was amazing at what I do, I made a lot of haters, I converted a lot of haters in to lovers, I got told I was Smart and going places by the same people that didn't really believe in me or where I was going, I signed contracts, I got big cheques, I got small cheques, I worked with some amazing people, I made Mistakes, some I learned from and some I'm still learning from. I kept building onto my foundations, I forgot loads of stuff, I calculated the Key of Happiness: Love, Laughter, Trust. I think I've fount that harmony now, I realized I can't forgive myself easily for doing others wrong, I got taken for granted at times, I took those close to me for granted at times. I accepted failure for the first time in years but really I didn't fall i now realize I was at a dead end so jumped over the wall. Last and certainly thank you 2011 for this colorful year.. yeah because it's all black and white, and all that i can remember from it, all that affected me from it, positive and negative and everything that made me strong and entering 2012 going strong than ever, doing what i love to do, surrounded by the people I love..Goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012!!!

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