Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My heart cries for your souls.

Good morning earthlings, feather army, social climber, social maniac, anything goes with me, most of all ALL IMPERFECTIONS come and go.

Now it's my everyday diary, people ask why I still idle with some place to another it's because I'm into medication. medication of the heart. It's kinda critical at this time coz some jerks tried and tend to scratch and destroy it's confidence little by little. I'm this bitch and witch at the same time, I can make someone's life ruined without noticing it unless you told me so. I'm a dream maker in my own way. My souls are made by stars, I'm a monster made by STARS. 

If you got any problem with that, the least you can do is deal with it, I don't even care with your everyday opinion with someone's life.

till next time Insects. See you around.



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