Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Absence of the WORLD...

Hello there Cyber People!!

Now I finally found my new space where I will describe the everyday trials and tribulations since the departure of my Juvenile.

What's the stage in between puberty and menopause? Oh um, being a woman. Being crazy difficult emotionally unstable balanced on the outside female human being appearing to look well balanced on most work days. i just have a hard time admitting it. Till I find myself watching Friends with Benefits, trying to find the meaning of life from a movie that only got a 6.6/10 rating from 51, 063 users of I then make up my own theory of what the CHAOS theory is really all about.  Which will in turn help me discover how to balance my CHAKRAS and take away this chaos which is suffocating me. I then realize the last sentence was way too long and I forgot to take a new breath in between full stops, which is maybe the real reason why I am feeling suffocated.

I'm hungry again. It has been about 30minutes since I last ate. I either have a very fast metabolism or just have no self control. I would like to think a bit of both we all know it is because I have a fast metabolism. We all know the reason why my size 2 pants no longer fit it because the whole world got smaller but my pants did not get the memo. I want the world stop.

I had the best weekend. I smiled a lot.

I cried a lot last week. i don't think I am that great at this thing called LIFE but hopefully in 2012 I improve. My siblings and I made a deal on staying positive. I guess wanting the world to stop isn't part of the deal. According to a friend, tonight the galaxy will meet with a "Big Solar Storm". Earth however will not be hit. I am going to google this, and if it does hit, then these shall be my last words.

We got hit by a big solar storm.

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