Friday, December 9, 2011

Mother's know best

A mother, is a woman who raised a child, given birth to a child. I think it said it all..

I made this blog just to say a few words about my Mother and what I understand about the word MOTHER.

Mother for me is the best person you ever have on your entire life.The person you wanna be with always, this certain person you wanna share this secrets, feeling and thoughts you have, and this certain person whose you gonna say thank you every time you got this chance.

I can say that my mom is not that perfect mom, she also got flaws, and most of all made a mistake. But she's all I wanna be with, were not this very close but sometimes we get along with. Even though my mom is not always there she always takes time to text me and find out if I'm OK. She always gives us support and encouragement.

She usually check on me like texting me if I'm OK? Did I behave towards nanny, Did I fill up the gas? Did I pay for my credits, Did I wander less? Simple words yet full of care. I really miss touching her hair and make fun of her cheeks and nose. I miss talking senseless with her. But every time we had a chance to chat and do some video call I am relieved cause I can see that she's doing fine.

I want her to realize that she's not alone that We are always here for her. that we forever love her and thank her every minute of my life. I love you MAMA...

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