Thursday, December 8, 2011

Side Effects

          I always wanted my own named light but yeah it's too impossible to have one. I created this blog simply because i wanted to express my feelings this past few weeks.And this past few weeks I'm behaving into self destruction, because i just feel every time that i need a break and sometimes feels to do a work and sometimes i just feel so lazy that i don't want to get off my bed,and i simply blame it to my crazy/kiddie/imaginative brain of mine..

         And that one time i'm just alone, staring on that blinking lights, i suddenly felt i'm not that worthy for anything i have since i do some useless things and vices which you can't imagine doing yourself (and i don't care what you think about those vices i do.) Vices that i wanted to cure by myself, which makes me a self centered person.I can create my own decision so fast that always turns out worst every time it was all done and said.

        I'm not that girl-next-door look and attitude on your block and I'm proud to be this Wimpy kid in school. I'm not that kind of girl whose flirt and a whore kind in your town,I'm not that stupid to stoop down on your level. I'm not seriously taking what people might say and tell me what kind of person I am and what i do.I'm that certain person who actually jumping into conclusion without acquiring it, I'm proud of that even if most people think that's a dumb move or what. If you ask me why? i'll simply tells you NEVER MIND.I'm gonna left you this phrase, and this will be the end of my blog for this time.

 "you can't stop others to talk against you, but you can make them eat what they've said about you"

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