Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Rainbow Kid

I belI believe that there is a creator and we all are meant to do something grand in the future,well that is if we would do something about it though. Success don't just happen overnight, they are made and I am one of those who are dying to make all SHIT happen. 

I deal things my own ways and I do have my own beliefs, well atleast that's what my elders has thought me and did adopted part from it and did modify a little (lol) but, either way I am me, I believe I am unique and actually we all are, we just have to know ourselves better and that's what I am pretty much advanced at. I am an advocate of INDIVIDUALISM... you can spray alot of SHIT to my face, try to say NASTY words to my ears or just try to step on my FUCKING ego but at the end of the day, I know ME and nobody can bring that down.

I do have alot of friends, but I trust only FEW. I love my friends equally and treat them with respect and also treat them like how I would want to be treated. Part of my personality is molded because of their love and values, somehow they are the foundation of what I really am.

I drink, smoke, scratch, kick and can kill and for some reason people would brand me as a WILD CHILD like an alcohol drinker, cigarette smoker, shit starter. I do alot of those but its just a core that people should understand, we all have that and they can JUDGE me, but never can change my whole totality. 

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