Sunday, December 11, 2011

Smart ASS

Hello kids, older kids, teenager, older teenager,and anyone older than me would make you an adult. Yeebah!

     I so don't get the point of so called Perfect Girl or Perfect Guy for a certain Man's or Girls dream. it always turned out that every person involved in this society want to stand out and be notice by some other guys who they want to be with or their crushes which he/she was the main character in all of the daydreams made, and if this certain guy (crush) sites his wishlist for a girlfriend. insecurities comes out and you want to change your personality little by little. So your crush will definitely notice you and asked you out.

     Welcome to my "Sometimes-Club". I call it "sometimes" club because, every now and then i find myself disagreeing with the ways of the world and liking things uniquely or different, or just.... old fashioned. And some people think that it is wrong to like stuff that is not in the loop, but i say go for it.

    It could be this society holds you  for doing this. you want to feel is the ideal things for a man to come sweep off your feet. But times are changing and men no longer due to the death to win women (generally speaking). Add the fact that more and more men would rather be woman, more aggressive tactics should be employed.

    Time is everything, if you really  like someone and have the right window for you to strike. Failure is a part of life, but you have to try or you'll drown in your "What If's". Find something you have in common before deciding to act, for doing otherwise could be recipe for disaster. Better yet, get to know your guy well and don't rush the process. Coming off to aggressively can be a turn-off for guys, give him space without disappearing from the picture. Be sweet but don't overdo it. Send signs without saying it, use body language,dress up, look beautiful, listen when he says something and have opinions of your own.

   Some results may not always be to your liking, the common denominator of all these cases was that the women tried. You won't get any results unless you actually take on the challenge, Just remember to be yourself. Don't sell yourself cheap, and realize that things don't always have fairytale ending for that is just how life and love really work.

 And here's a picture of my ultimate crush.... just sharing

Have a Cheerful Day EARTHLINGS!!!

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